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Welcome to World Cup 66! This website is wholly and completely dedicated to the topic of English Football!

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Who We Are

This website is run by the biggest bunch of sporting fans this of the world. While that title is not anything official, we like to claim it anyway. After all, English Football is what we are all about! The people behind this website come from various professional fields and varying walks of life.

What binds us together is our unceasing love for the beautiful game. What is interesting is that some of us actually had their own personal websites that discussed the game and their particular favorite team. We wanted to come together and put in a cohesive effort to establish better representation of the sport and all its different facets.

We will be taking a neutral stance when discussing the different teams. While we will be touching upon favorites from time to time, trust that bias will never color our discussions wholly.

What We Do

We have all come together to build a site that puts forward details and information that goes beyond favorites and projections. We believe that the game of football is more than just having your favorite team win.

We want to talk about more than just the players, the teams, and the coaches. We want to talk about more than just the records that have been held. We wish to provide our audiences with a more human peek into the world of football.

One of our collective frustrations was that a lot of websites out there that discussed football were either biased or focused solely on the athletes. We all wanted to create a space where fans of football can talk about the game from their point of view. Also, you can expect this point of view to go beyond the die hard fan stereotypes that have been peddled and pushed by media for decades now.

Basically, this website is made by fans for the fans. We also aim to bring awareness and campaign for the communities that have deep love for the sport but are otherwise unable to support their own team. The people behind this website all believe that football is for everyone—not matter where in the UK or in the world you presently are.

Get in Touch

Since the incarnation of this website, we have been quite fortunate to receive such a steady readership! We would like to show our thanks by being more accessible to our readers—after all, if you guys were not here, we certainly would not be either!

 If you would like to ask some specific questions or if you have any particular requests regarding topics of discussion, you can reach us through 070-2617-0782. Let us know how we can tune our website to serve you better!

Also, do make use of the number above if you know of any particular sports-centered volunteer organizations that need a bit of a boost! We would just love to spread the word about you and the good work that you have been able to do!