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Juventus were again disappointed when they played 1-1 against Fiorentina in Serie A.

A draw keeps them in 4th place at the table, and as Napoli still do not play, Bianconeri could see themselves in 5th place on Monday night. The pressure is really on Andrea Pirlo right now as Juventus, who cannot get into the Champions League, would be disastrous for the club in this position. Despite this, here’s the latest Juventus news from the 25th.

Andrea Pirlo is not happy with the Juventus season

After the match against Jiorentus Fiorentina, Andrea Pirlo spoke to the media in a gloomy mood, admitting that the season so far has not gone as far as he imagined at the beginning of the season. He explained:

– It’s different because the original expectations were different for both me and the team. I do not think we have worked as we wanted. You learn during every game, but I’m not happy with the original expectations and I do not think it’s the club.
Juventus are now in a tough battle to get into the top 4 and get into the Champions League.

Pirlo’s future at Juventus depends on qualifying for the Champions League

Juventus Sports Director Fabio Paratic was asked about Andrea Pirloo’s future at the club after this season. Paratici suggested that while he is happy with Pirloo’s helm, the Italians’ future depends on whether Bianconeri qualifies for the Champions League or not. He said:

– In the championship qualification, Pirlo absolutely remains. But honestly, we do not even think about not being among the top four, also because we have great confidence in our team and coach.

Moise Kean opens the door to Juventus’ return

Italian striker Moise Kean would be ready to return to Juventus in the future. The 21-year-old, who is currently on loan at PSG, left Juventus for Everton in 2019. While his career at Everton did not go as expected, Kean has been a huge success at PSG and has taken Ligue 1 over the storm. .

In a speech to the Gazzetta dello Sport, Kean was asked about his time at Juventus. He said:

“I had many important Juvessa coaches, including Fabio Grosso’s youth team and [Massimiliano] Allegri, who trusted me despite the fact that I was a bit Lamminpää at the time … He let me play, he thought. I was a little disappointed when I left Juve. I grew up there. I do not know where I would be without the club. I realized this is a football player’s life and I had to accept it. “Juve always remains in my heart.” Asked about a possible return to Turin in the future, Kean replied: “I do not know. I want to enjoy the semi-final of the Champions League, then we’ll see. Nobody knows what’s going to happen tomorrow.”

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