West Ham wins the perfect moral booster

Timo Werner’s reaction when he scored a goal against West Ham United painted a perfect picture of what the moment meant for the entire Chelsea team.

The German striker has been in trouble since joining the RB Leipzig Blues last summer, but he was the winner of the match when they met the Hammers on Saturday.

David Moyes’ team has been very impressive this season and continues to threaten Chelsea’s chances of being among the top four. It made the game win black.

Fortunately for Thomas Tuchelin, they managed to improve Jesse Lingard and co. Despite West Hamham’s best efforts, they were unable to return from the battle of Werner in the first half.

Chelsea add the four best chances

The competition to get into the top four in the Premier League was tougher than ever. With the exception of Manchester City and Manchester United, who are guaranteed to achieve the first and second, the battle for the two remaining seats is not a child’s play.

All six teams are currently vying for a place in the Champions League, but Chelsea took a big step after beating West Ham on Saturday.

The Blues are now one point behind the third seed in Leicester City and three ahead of the Hammers. Since Tuchel’s team only plays five league games, it is definitely in a very good position.

The coming weeks are tough, but Chelsea have just taken three points out of one of their top four rivals, giving them a small cushion in the race for a Champions League place.

The best moral boost for the Real Madrid Settlement

Chelsea’s win over West Ham was the perfect boost to morale ahead of the Champions League semi-final against Real Madrid.

Blue face the Spanish side to place the final in the competition on Tuesday and have a favorable result in the first stage Alfred di Stefano Stadium.

The flexible performance they produced against the hammers brought them into full swing and increased their confidence in the European tour.

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